Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What happens to my DNA, and how is my privacy protected?

I already have wet/dry AMD. Why would I need to get a genetic test?

My eye care professional doesn’t know about EyeGen. What should I do?

I have early AMD. Should I take AREDS/AREDS2?

I heard that zinc was bad. What should I do?

My doctor, the NEI, and the AAO all say that this testing is not necessary, that the research behind it is clouded by conflicts of interest. Who should I believe and what should I do?

My doctor told me I must take the 80 mg of zinc/PreserVision, but other people are taking ones with 25 mg. I am so confused! Does this testing differentiate between the 2 doses? I heard that all your research is based on 80 mg of zinc so that means I don’t need it if I’m taking so much less, right?

I have wet AMD in both eyes. Should I take AREDS/AREDS2?

I have wet AMD in only one eye. Should I take AREDS/AREDS2?

I have not been diagnosed with AMD, but my mother/father/sibling has dry AMD. Should I take a genetic test?

I have dry AMD. What benefits do my doctor, or I have in knowing my prognosis when it includes genetics?

I have AMD. Should my kids consider taking AREDS/AREDS2 eye vitamins?

Could my kids consider taking a carotenoid formula instead of AREDS/AREDS2?

Should I avoid a multivitamin if I am zinc sensitive?

Should I take both an eye vitamin and a multivitamin?

My doctor recommended taking AREDS2 after I was diagnosed with AMD. Should I be considering an alternative supplement such as saffron, bilberry, Q10, etc. as well?

My doctor has recommended I take half the daily ‘eye vitamin dose’ and half the multivitamin dose- should I? OR, my doctor has recommended that I only take half the recommended daily dose of my eye vitamin